Florida Regional dedicated Job where you only will drive in Florida. If you are looking for job security, as much work as you can handle with no sitting around and the best pay in the industry you have come to the right place. (Rider and Pet Friendly)

Drivers are averaging up to $1580 a week with a minimum guarantee of never less then $1100 a week no matter if the truck breaks, there are traffic delays, weather issues you will always get paid every week.

You will parking at home, no commuting required.

Delivery days are Monday-Saturday so most of the time you will HAVE SUNDAYS OFF! But due to HOS or customer needs it could be any day of the week, we do get you home weekly that is guaranteed along with our minimum guaranteed pay.

Drivers within 100 miles of Ocala have the opportunity to be home weekly or possibly once in the middle of the week or possibly every other day.

Forget about having to drive a long way from where you live or driving in the snow and ice. This account operates only in Florida. The DC is located in Florida.

Fleet is comprised of Internationals, Freightliners and Kenworth

Company Drivers this is the first time we have offered this job in in your area in a long time, and the only reason we have some openings right now is some of our drivers are retiring.

This is the kind of job you can retire from as it’s steady full time work, so you need to apply now because this job won’t last long.

The fact is Many drivers are having health problems due to lack of exercise, so here is a great solution to keep you in shape and get paid a lot of money to do so.

So yes this is a 100% touch freight dollar store job, with the driver manually unloading all freight. Yes I did say you have to unload freight, but before you panic it’s not heavy lift work. You will unload pallets with a pallet jack and unload clothes on hangers hanging from racks on the roof and put them on racks to be rolled into the store. Not to physically demanding.

If you are allergic to a touch freight job we have a no touch job where we can you home every other weekend Guaranteed with great pay and great benefits. CLICK HERE FOR THIS TOUCH JOB:

Minimum Pay for this job is guaranteed of $1100 with no games or gimmicks, but you can easily make more. Drivers can earn over a $1.00 per mile based on experience + $200 per trailer unloaded.

Stores are easy to deal with and you will be the only truck that services that store. (As mentioned above this is a Dollar Store type of job, all the freight you can pull, no sitting around at truck stops twiddling your thumbs)

Routes also typically require 3-5 stops per day and potentially a 10-hour break on the road each day.

Dollar store deliveries start in the early AM you will either be driving to your first stop the night before and taking a reset or driving in the early morning to make on time delivery. So very little night driving just to preposition if necessary for the next day. You won’t be doing any night unloads. You will deliver throughout the day to multiple DT stores.

As mentioned above you are home weekly but possibly you can get home every other day depending on how close to Ocala you live. You will only have to drive an average of 800 miles per week. That’s around $1,150-$1,580 every week and up to $60,000-$82,000 annually depending on experience.

On this account, all drivers are paid a per mile rate of between $.48 and $1.01 and $200 per trailer unload depending on experience

Pay breakdown
Experience (Years) CPM
0 months $ 0.480
6 months $ 0.500
1 year $ 0.530
2 year $ 0.560
3 year $ 0.590
4 year $ 0.620
5 year $ 0.650
6 year $ 0.680
7 year $ 0.710
8 year $ 0.750
9 year $ 0.790
10 year $ 0.830
11 year $ 0.870
12 year $ 0.910
13 year $ 0.960
14 year $ 1.010

$200 per trailer download (so 5 trailers a week downloaded would equal $1000 in pay before you drive even one mile)

This account offers a paid vacation of 1 week after 1 year, 2 weeks after 2 years, 3 weeks after 7 years and 4 weeks after 10 years.


REQUIREMENTS: Class A CDL with at least 3 to 6 months of Tractor Trailer Experience in the last 3 years. Experience must be tractor trailer experience with trailers over 40 feet in length

Fairly clean MVR and Background.

NO RECENT GRADS FOR THIS JOB and no drivers on the SAP program!!!!

Limited openings this job won’t last for long.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete. •

We cannot respond unless we have an application from you, so we can ensure you are in the hiring area, qualified and so we don’t have to initially ask you 20 questions over the phone.