DRY VAN/REEFER OTR TEAM LEASE PURCHASE! This is for drivers looking to run easy freight and run a ton of miles!   We also hire Owner Op Teams!  If you don’t like this Team job we have additional team jobs available, please apply and we will contact you with information. 

(This Team Lease purchase is for formed teams, solo drivers without a team mate can go ahead and apply we do have solo lease purchase options available)

Drivers are out 2-3 weeks and enjoy a healthy paycheck every Tuesday. Your average load will take you a couple days, and before you deliver, you will already know where your next load will take you.

(NOTE WE HAVE OTHER ZERO down no credit check Leases available for Teams and for SOLO drivers also in just about every state in the lower 47  (No Leases in CA) so if you live anywhere in the lower 47  (No CA) we can probably get you a Lease Purchase similar to this program.   Please go ahead and apply below and we will find you a Lease Purchase. )  We also have Flatbed, Heavy Haul, Reefer, Tanker etc Lease Purchase programs.

Dry Van Lease Purchase with payments as low as $145 per week + .23 CPM….BEST LEASE PURCHASE OUT THERE PERIOD.  The beauty of this lease is if your truck is in the shop, you get sick, go on vacation etc you won’t lose the truck because you can’t pay. 

You only pay when the wheels are turning.    Again so many drivers can’t pay their lease because of a situation where they can’t drive for a week or two or more.  NOT WITH THIS LEASE!

**NO money down and NO credit check, walkaway lease, $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease no balloon payment!  Lowest lease payment in the industry!

TOP OF THE LINE EQUIPMENT FOR TEAMS ONLY:   (You can choose the sweet Volvo Lease below or we have other options for a Freightliner Cascadia  below if you don’t want the Volvo)
2019 Volvos- TEAMS ONLY

Primary Running Area/Hiring area:   All 48 States

uAverage Length of Haul: 1050-1200 miles

uAverage Miles per Week: 6000+
uHome Time: every 2-3 weeks for 2-3 days
uFreight – Dry Van
uDrop & Hook 70% No-Touch 95%
Pay/Mile $1.07 CPM Dry Van + 100% fuel surcharge Split pending previous experience.  (And we pay for Empty miles, that is very important, see below to see how much you can make a week)

If you do the math $1.07 X 6000 miles a week = $6420 per week per team.  If you deduct Truck Payment of .23 CPM of $1380 + $145 if you run 6000 miles, and deduct .12 CPM Maintenance Warranty if you run 6000 miles of $720 and incidentals of about $175 more dollars just to be safe.  that is about $2420 in expenses. (includes truck payments, maintenance warranty, equipment rentals etc)

$6420 – $2420 = $4000 NET

You would end up with a NET of around $4000 per team or $2000 per driver per week NET which is about as good as it gets while buying a truck. That is $8000 per month per driver and as soon as you pay off the truck you will add another $2400 a week to your profit.   

uPay/Mile $1.12 Reefer cpm Split pending previous experience (40 months of Reefer Exp required for Reefer Lease)

uCash Advance $100 available per week
uSafety Bonus $100/$50/$50 to contractor for passing level 1,2,3 DOT inspection
uEmpty Miles- CPM paid on all miles loaded and empty
uLayover-$75.00 after 24 hours for each contractor
uMulti-Stop – $25.00 for each drop excluding last drop
uDetention pay- Varies
uDriver pay-PC Miler
uPer Diem paid
uDirect Deposit

LEASE TRUCKS  (2 year to 6 year leases depending on the miles on the truck)
2017-2020 Freightliner Cascadias
DD15 455-505 HORSE POWER
EQUIPPED W/ APU & EPU (electronic)

Lease Purchase Terms for 2019 and older Freightliner Cascadia’s, International LT’s, and alike trucks:
72 Months or less- 0 miles – 125,000
60 Months or less- 125,000-350,000
48 months or less- 350,000-400,000
36 months or less- 475,000-550,000
24 months-550,000

  Except for the W900’s the rest of the trucks are automatics. (W900’s are for Reefer leases only)
2.    W900’s have an APU and a refrigerator.
3.    2019 and below Freightliners have an EPU and no refrigerator.
4.    2020 and above do have refrigerators but not an EPU. They have a bunk heater, plus they idle
5.    All of the trucks are equipped with a 2500 watt inverter.
We also have no problem placing folks on a Manual List, much like we did before, until a Manual comes free

All of our trucks are Owner Operator specs (interior)
Trucks are equipped with lane departure, roll stability and collision mitigation (except for the W900’s)

Lease Purchase Terms on All Kenworth W-900s (Reefer fleet only)
84 Months or Less- 0 miles-125,000
72 months or less-125,000-350,000

Payment Structure: $145 base payment 
.23 CPM variable payment 
.12 CPM Maintenance Warranty
Pay off on all trucks: $1.00 at the completion of the lease


  • Plates and Permits Paid By Company
  • Pull Company Trailer-No Charge
  • Satellite Communication Required (Free Installation)
  • Collision/Bobtail/Occupational Accident Insurance Available
  • Passenger Program
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Document Submitting – In Cab Scanning
  • No up-front Money Required
  • Guaranteed Fuel Surcharge – Based On Loaded Miles and Fuel Index Rate For That Week
  • Truck Speed –LP 70 Pedal, 73 cruise

    Empty Miles Paid? Yes If %  (FSC on both loaded and empty miles!!!)   Weekly Cash Advances $100 is available per week.   Direct Deposit.  Miles are calculated using Rand McNally.  EZ Pass – Pre-Pass Tolls  provided.    Lease drivers are reimbursed for all scales and tolls.  

Fuel Card Provided Yes.  Fuel Network Discount Program , Shop Discounts for maintenance, Maintenance and/or Tire Discount Program.

Lumper Fees Yes,  Layover Pay Dock Detention Pay Multi Stop Pay Yes – $10 for each drop excluding 1st and last drop.  Safety Bonus $50 if they pass a DOT Inspection. $250 Visa Gift Card after their 4th clean inspection in a quarter Rider Policy  Yes -$4.73 per week.  Rider must be at least 10 years old.   Trip Pack Charges $3.60lweek Maintenance (Non-refundable) .10CPM covers the bumper to bumper warranty on lease trucks.

Base Plates Paid for by us, Trailer Rental is FREE, no charge, Company pays Federal 2290 Highway Use Tax.  Satellite Fee I Cell Phone Fee $23.08 per week  (LP are E-Logs).  Cargo Insurance – YES, Physical Damage Insurance $65-90/week, Bobtail Insurance $7.50/week Workers Comp Not required.  Occupational Accident $29.96/week.   24 hour dispatch? Yes

Pay starts Approx $1.35 CPM ($1.07 cpm + 100% Fuel Surcharge) empty and loaded (Very important, if you are only paid on a percentage loaded miles only you lose money on the empty miles .01 raise every  6 months. Cap 1.17  + 100% fuel surcharge (Approx $1.35 CPM )

REQUIREMENTS: CLASS A CDL, 12 months OTR (3 states or more in a Sleeper, Day Cab time does not count) Tractor Trailer experience in the last 2 yrs. Fairly clean MVR, Background and Job History.

MAX OF 6 Jobs in the last 3 years with no more than 3 jobs in the last 12 months.


Please apply as soon as possible.  We use the 10 street (Intelliapp) application system so 99% chance you are already in the system, meaning it should only take you about 1 minute to complete the application.

Click on this Link to APPLY: https://intelliapp.driverapponline.com/c/truckersneededcorp?r=W-TN-F_Website_TEAM_Lease_Purchase_X