Great Local job making between $22 to almost $26 per hour plus overtime after 45 hours and home WEEKENDS! 

LOCAL DRIVERS: Operate between company terminals and customer facilities or work sites within the  Cedar Rapids service area.  You will be responsible for Sorting, handling, loading, and/or unloading freight at various companies and customer locations

Work Monday-Friday, home daily, weekends off and paid overtime after 45 hours per week (unless other local law applies)

Pay: $22.51 – $25.88 per hour:  You can get a $5000 sign on bonus and Start at up to $25.88 IF YOU HAVE at least 18 months of LTRl/multip-stop/P&D experience.   

Job Requirements:  21 years of age or older, Current Class A CDL, 1 year tractor trailer experience with at least 1 year experience in the last 24 months. 

MUST HAVE:  Doubles/Triples, Hazmat, and Tankers endorsements. 

No more than a 45 minute drive from Cedar Rapids for this local job. (If you live further out than 45 minutes please apply below and we can find a home weekly job for you)   90 days to obtain Hazmat endorsement.  (If you are not willing to get hazmat within 90 days please don’t apply for this job)

BENEFITS:  Health Insurance with Medical, Rx & Vision  – very low cost, but high quality coverage is available after 90 days of employment and is FREE after 10 years of employment
Dental Insurance
Free Life Insurance
Free Short-term Disability
401(k) with immediate vesting & company match
Immediate eligibility for Holiday Pay
Paid Vacation days and Personal/Sick Days  ***If you start by the end of the year in 2017, you’ll have 2 weeks PTO in 2018 and 3 weeks in 2019 
Employee Stock Purchase plan
Credit Union
Weekly Pay check

You will be paid more than just about any other company pays, but we are looking for GREAT drives so PLEASE READ the following:

Very particular on work history, no more than 4 jobs in 3 yrs.
Not fired from any job in the last 3 yrs.
No large gaps of unemployment. 
City drivers must have a professional appearance. 
All drivers wear uniforms  (Company will reimburse)
All drivers will interview at the terminal. 
Prefer 1 yr in the last 2 yrs, but will review if have some experience in the last 2 yrs and more experience outside 2 yrs

Serious violations like the followign in the last 3 years will disqualify you :
a)    Speeding in excess of 15 miles over posted speed limit.
b)    Reckless Driving
c)    Improper or erratic lane change
d)    Following too closely
e)    Disregarding a traffic control device

5.    No more than 2 moving violations and 1 chargeable accident within three (3) years of the date of application.  A moving violation received in conjunction with an accident will be considered a chargeable accident, not a chargeable accident and a moving violation.

For a list of Driver Frequently Asked Questions Please scroll down, otherwise Please click on the apply now to submit our quick one page 2 minute application so you can be considered for either of these jobs before they are gone.Local-Home Daily - Home Weekends, up to almost .00 P/h (Cedar Rapids, IA, Iowa)Driver Frequently Asked Questions
1.    What is my start time as a city driver?
a.    Start times will vary and may even change daily.  We do not give dedicated routes to our city drivers, but typical start times are usually between 6am and 10am (or could be later depending on the terminal).  You should expect to work 10 to 12 hour days on average as a city driver, but could vary based on business levels.
2.    Do you pay overtime?
a.    City drivers to get paid time and a half after 45 hours for the week (unless otherwise dictated by state law.  In CA, you are paid OT after working 8 hours per day).  LH Drivers do not get paid overtime, as they are paid by the mile (except for CA, which is paid by the hour).
3.    When am I home?
a.    Our LH drivers are usually out for 5 days at a time and home 2 days per week.  We cannot promise those 2 days will be on the weekends.  Many of our LH runs are either Sunday thru Thursday or Tuesday thru Saturday.  While you are a system driver, we do try to get you home those 2 days, but you may occasional spend those 2 days in the system based on business needs, but it is our goal to have you home those 2 days.
4.    What does it mean to be a system driver?
a.    We have 2 types of LH drivers, a system or extra board driver and a bid run driver.  You will start out in LH as a system driver, some companies call it “running wild.”  That simply means you do not have a set schedule each week.  You may fill in for a driver while he is on vacation or simply take extra freight not assigned to a specific run.
5.    How long do I stay in the system?
a.    This will depend on your terminal, but on average you could stay system for around 6 months.  You will may able to get on a set run the next time your terminal does a bid or a run selection.  All run selections are done based on seniority.  As you get more seniority, you can bid on those runs that will have you home each night.  Terminals typically do bids or run selections 1 to 2 times per year, unless directed by central dispatch to do otherwise. ****Drivers can choose to stay in the system even though they are eligible for a bid run.  You are not required to take a bid run.  You tend to make more money as a system driver.
6.    Do I have to work the dock?
a.    It will depend on which terminal.  Many of the larger terminals do not have the drivers work the dock, but some of the smaller terminals that do not have dockworkers (zone terminals) may have you do some dock work, or you may to do a work off or work the dock if delayed.  You will be paid an hourly rate.
7.    What about delay pay?
a.    We do have delay pay.  If you arrive at your destination and your load is not ready, you can get paid delay pay.  That starts after ½ hour delayed.  We typically do not move empty trailers within our system, you will always have freight on your trailer.
8.    If I stay overnight, do I sleep in the truck?
a.    No, the only trucks that are sleeper trucks are our team trucks.  If you are out overnight, most of our terminals partner with a local hotel for you to stay at.  You can drive your truck to the hotel.
9.    Is there a per diem?
a.    No, drivers are not paid a per diem.  You are required to pay for your own food, but if you run into toll booths etc., you can be reimbursed for those types of expenses.
10.    Do you assign tractors?
a.    No, you will not have assigned tractors.
11.    What if a holiday falls on a day I am not working?
a.    If you end up with a Tuesday thru Saturday run and a holiday falls on a Monday, we will designate another day for your holiday so you can still enjoy the same time off as your other co-workers
12.    Where do I run and how many miles per week do I get?
a.    How far you will run will depend on your terminal location.  You will need to ask your terminal manager during your interview how far your location is responsible for.  LH drivers on average run around 2400 to 2600 miles per week.
13.    How do I get paid?  
a.    You are paid by the mile and we do pay weekly.  
14.    Can I use a cell phone/Bluetooth/hands free device?
a.    You cannot use a cell phone/hands free device while driving any company vehicle.  If you do need to use your phone for any reason, we simply ask that you pull over so that your truck is not in motion.  This also applies to CB’s.  We do not prohibit use, you just need to make sure your truck is parked and not in motion.
15.    Tell me about your driver facing cameras?
a.    All trucks model year 2013 and up have driver facing cameras.  Team trucks do not have driver facing cameras.  These are used as a safety tool only and helps protect you as a driver from an allegation of fault in the event of an incident or accident where you are not at fault.  No one is sitting behind a camera watching you all day, the only time information on the camera is saved is when an action triggers the recording.  For example, a hard braking, accident ect.  Less than 10% of our drivers trigger a video.
16.    Do I have to wear a uniform?
a.    We do have a uniform policy and will provide each driver with $150 every 6 months for uniforms.  Money allotments do not roll over to the next period if not used.  City drivers must follow policy for shirts and bottoms, LH drivers are only required to wear the uniform shirt.  You are responsible for laundering your own uniforms, We do not clean these for you.  Steel-toed shoes/boots are required. 

Please apply at the link below.  These locals especially making this kind of money won’t last long.  Thanks.. Local-Home Daily - Home Weekends, up to almost .00 P/h (Cedar Rapids, IA, Iowa)