Where else can you find a truck driving job where you can earn money while not riding or driving in the truck with the other driver.  It’s called “passive income” and it’s how the rich people get rich and how you can make a lot of money even if you are sitting at home or driving in another truck, while another driver is literally making money for you just from the work you do driving with the and mentoring  them for a couple of weeks.

Sound crazy?  Sound like a scam? Sound like this is impossible for the truck driving business?   No this is real and it involves you becoming a mentor where after you train your student and cut them loose, you continue to make money from their driving for up to year.

Now imagine you have 10 or 15 or 20 drivers who you have all trained and you are making money for every mile they drive.

This is the coolest truck driving job out there where you can earn money all year long just from students you trained in the past who have gone on to drive on their own after you gave them just a couple of weeks of mentoring.


Home Time around 18 days out to finish up the training.

Pay per mile is .54 plus the other bonuses so average pay before the bonuses is around $1400 a week PLUS all of the other bonuses below which include $500 extra for your first student, after that each student you pick up would be an extra $250.   Normally pick up 2 students per month so an extra $500 per month is just for the student pick up bonus.

When your student upgrades to the first seat you get another $250 bonus.

When your student you cut loose reaches 10,000 safe miles you get $500.  Remember you are earning money while not doing a thing at this point, “passive income”.  Your student is out driving on their own, you are off and about with another student in the truck.

When your student you cut loose reaches 20,000 safe miles you get and other $300.

While training you get .10 CPM extra for each mile you run.   You also get .01 CPM paid to you for every single mile a student drives after you cut them loose for a full year.   If they drive 100,000 miles you would make an extra $1000 without lifting a finger.

If you hit all 3 performance measures which isn’t hard to do, you get an extra .04 CPM address to your pay.  The performance bonuses are Safety, no accident or tickets, Fuel MPG and at least 1000 miles per week which is easy peasy to get.

So, what does this all add up to.

Let’s take Student # 1.    You could make $500 on pickup, $250 when they upgrade, $500 when they hit 10,000 miles safe driving solo without you in the truck.   $300 when they hit 20,000 safe miles.   Another .01 CPM for every mile they drive solo for the next year, let’s just say they drive only 50,000 miles that is $500 extra dollars there.

So that is an extra $1550 in bonuses for that one student driver.

Okay so let’s say you should average 1.5 students per month so around 18 students a year is pretty average.

So, in bonuses alone you should average an extra $27,900 extra per year, or an extra $2325 per month or an extra $581.25 a week.

Add that to the $1400 average weekly pay and you should be close to $2000 a week.  That doesn’t kick in right away you have to look at the time periods listed for when the bonuses kick in but you should be able to average over $95,000 a year if you stick with this program.

Please remember this is a W2 Position with full benefits including health care, paid vacation, 401K matching etc.

Mainly no-touch, drop-and-hook freight Plus: •

Great health, dental insurance • Paid vacation • Retirement plan w/ company matching •

You will have to drive for just two weeks solo OTR to make sure you are good to go as a mentor then we put you straight into our mentor program.  Many companies require you  to drive for them for 3 months before they will let you become a mentor but for us just two weeks and you will be all set.

This is your pay for just the first two weeks after that you really start to rake in the big bucks and build up that passive income.

The huge plus is that you keep making more and more money as you take on students.


REQUIREMENTS: Class A CDL and at least 3 to 6 months of verifiable OTR driving in the past 12 months or one year (12 months) of a combination of OTR/Regional/Local in the past three (3) years.

Experience must have been in a Class A tractor, towing a 40′ trailer(s) or longer.  Must have a Class A CDL.

Fairly clean MVR and Background. 

SORRY NO SAP DRIVER OR RECENT GRADS.  (Please don’t even bother to apply your application will be discarded)

Please don’t text or call until you complete the 10 street (Intelliapp) application at the link below. Most likely you are in the 10 street system already which means it should only take you about 2 minutes to complete our application.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the application with an update on your application. •

We cannot respond unless we have an application from you, so we can ensure you are in the hiring area, qualified and so we don’t have to initially ask you 20 questions over the phone. •

This job will fill up fast, so please apply ASAP before it’s filled up.

Please scroll down to view our current hiring area.  This is one of the few companies that hires in South Florida by the way as you can see below for company or Lease Purchase drivers, but check out the Red areas to make sure you are in the hiring area and apply at the link below.,