Great job making over $100,000 a year while getting the best home time in the industry.  Stay out just 18 days and come home (Yes you bring the truck home with you) and you get a FULL 5 days off, almost a week of enjoying life back home.   This job comes with full benefits, paid vacation and the ability to make as much money as you want if you want to stay out longer.   

This is not one of those fly by night companies out of Chicago this is with an American Company based here in the US with the highest pay of any company out there for the last 14 years straight.

Why work yourself to death when you can earn just as much money as a regular team job, but with a much better quality of life and with the type of home time you deserve.

Average Annual Earnings in 2022:
$123,460 per driver

Top Team Earners = $143,502 each

These trucks are loaded all of them Auto, Flat Screen TV, Microwave, Fridge, Bedding, Inverter, CB, etc.

PAY: We are paying .98 Cents per mile for teams with hazmat and .95 CPM if you don’t have hazmat and drivers averaging about 5500 miles per week or more.  

Formed Teams only for this job. (We don’t match teams up)  If you can find another driver to team up with you we can also work with that.    We do not hire in any of these 6 states for any positions: CA, NV, OR, WA, TX, NY.  (Not all states have the 18/5 option some states only have the 21/7 Flyway option so it really depends on where you live.

We have to make sure you are in the hiring area but either way we can get you a Team job with either  18/5, 21/7 or in some areas just out 11 days and home every other weekend for a full 3 days, but again we’ll have to see your application to give you specifics on what is available where you live.     Depending on where you live you may be in the hiring area for the 11 days out a full 3 days home every other weekend job: CLICK “HERE” FOR INFORMATION FOR THE 11/3 TEAM JOB 

(Note pay for the 11/3 job is still great it’s .92 CPM if you have hazmat an d.89 CPM if you don’t)

NOTE: For this job the 18/5 job you do bring the truck home with you.  You will need a safe place to park the truck and trailer at your location.  

Good news if you have a small Fido: One small dog allowed. Restrictions apply

EXTRA PAY FOR EACH TEAM DRIVER  (Additional pay of over $4800 safe driver bonus for each driver in the first 90 days and almost $6000 safety pay for each driver every year forever as long as you are driving for this company)

 Initial $1025 (with hazmat) or $825 (no hazmat) CSA Safety Bonus +  $600 On-Road Safety Bonus  Paid Time Off


 $1025 or $825 CSA Safety Bonus  $600 On-Road Safety Bonus  Paid Time Off opportunity every 30 days for your first 90 days*

WITH HAZMAT: This means if you have a clean driving record every 30 days for the first 3 months you will get $1625 extra pay for a total of $4875 Extra in the first 90 days along with your regular pay.

WITHOUT HAZMAT: This means if you have a clean driving record every 30 days for the first 3 months you will get $1425 extra pay for a total of $4275 Extra in the first 90 days along with your regular pay.

 *After first 90 days, you will be eligible for these bonuses every 90 days.

 FOREVER SAFETY BONUS: Each driver can qualify for an extra $5700 to $6500 per year in addition to their regular pay.

WITH HAZMAT:   This means you will get an extra $1625 every quarter so every year you could make an extra $6500 per year just for being a safe driver.  No other company pays a safety bonus like that. And you are paid this bonus as long as you are driving for this company.

 WITHOUT HAZMAT:   This means you will get an extra $1425 every quarter so every year you could make an extra $5700 just for being a safe driver.  No other company pays a safety bonus like that. And you are paid this bonus as long as you are driving for this company.

How much money can you make with this Team job?  If you drive 5500 miles a week at the .98 CPM rate is $2695 per driver. If you average 6000 miles a week that is $2940 a week per drive. We are talking owner operator type of money here without the hassles of owning your own truck.


Equipment is late-model Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth T680, and International ProStar tractors Automatic transmissions 1500 watt inverters, Refrigerators, Air release fifth wheels, XM-ready/Bluetooth radios, Double bunk raised/high-rise roof, Dual tires, Dual air ride seats, Bunk heaters 

You won’t have to wait for loads or sit around, we have the freight for you to haul we have plenty of freight for you.

PRIMARY RUNNING AREA FOR THIS JOB Please make note of where you will be driving for this job. (See Map)  Remember no New York city, no Canada and No Mexico.


  • Paid weekly
  • Generous PTO (vacation) program, with PTO to be taken January through October only
  • 401(k) match program
  • Health Insurance (Blue Cross and Blue Shield) and Dental Insurance available
  • Cafeteria plan (make daycare and medical expenses tax-free)
  • Vision savings plan available
  • $10K free life insurance
  • Cash advances available
  • 100% no-touch freight
  • No NYC, Canada, or Mexico
  • Newer trailers with tracking & cargo sensors
  • Late-model, well-equipped, assigned tractors
  • Prepass Plus weigh station bypass and toll transponders
  • Submit paperwork with your smart phone using Drive Axle, or use Transflo at truck stops
  • Advanced online services allow you to manage your loads, review payroll, and much more using your smart phone

Qualifications:  This is the best Team job in the country and we only hire top professional  drivers for this job.  If you meet the requirements below  please apply for this great job.

  • A valid and current Class A CDL
  • 12 months of verifiable OTR tractor-trailer experience in the past 48 months.  (See below for team mate requirement it’s only 6 months with some additional requirements)   NOTE: You must also have at least 3 months in the past 7 months of those 12 months for you to be qualified. Meaning if you haven’t been driving OTR for the last 7 months you won’t qualify even if you have 3 full years of experience otherwise we require just 3 months of recent time in the last 7 months along with at least 12 months of OTR time in the last 4 years.
  • TEAM DRIVERS WITH LESS THEN 12 Months of OTR Experience. If one team partner has 6 months and the other has 24 months or more we will put the 6 month person through extra orientation training and testing and let them graduate and run team with the 24 month person.  Team mate still must also have at least 3 months in the past 7 months.
  • SORRY NO JOB HOPPERS:  4 month average employment in the past 2 years.  Employment has to be  a 4 month average. Multiple or lengthy gaps will hurt this requirement..  If you have more then  4 jobs in the last 2 years or more then 6 jobs in the last 3 years you probably aren’t going to qualify.
  • We now require that a candidate not have a gap of 151 days or more in the past 15 months.  Meaning if you had a break of not working any job of any kind of over 5 months you aren’t going to qualify. If you are less then 150 days you will be okay and remember this is only going back 15 months not 2 years, 3 years or 4 years etc just the most recent 15 month time period from todays date.      
  • No DWIs in the past 7 years
  • No more than 3 moving violations in the past 3 years
  • Pass a pre-employment DOT physical, drug screen
  • No preventable DOT reportable accidents in the past 3 years
  • No drug test refusal or failure
  • VERIFICATIONS:  You must be able to verify the companies you worked for the last 3 years. If they are out of business or won’t verify you worked for them we can’t hire you.
  • Owner Operators who ran under their own authority in the last 3 years, we cannot get you verified so no need to apply because only having run loss reports won’t work sorry about that.    

None of the following in past 3 years
Reckless Driving
Improper Turn 
Improper Lane Change or Erratic Lane Change
Improper passing
Lane Change Violation  (this is not the same as a lane violation where you were in the wrong lane for trucks, that ticket is fine, most of the time this Lane Change ticket is associated with an accident( 
Driving too fast for conditions
No 15 mph or more in past 12 months- (1) 15 mph or more over allowed in past 2 years if over 12 months old.
Following too Close 
Careless Driving
Using Handheld Cell Phone in CMV

FORMED TEAMS: BOTH DRIVERS MUST APPLY!!! We cannot process your application unless we have both drivers information.

Look I am not kidding you when I tell you we have Limited openings this job. It is not going to last for long so if both of you don’t apply ASAP you will be to late.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete. •