We have trucks to lease Late Model Late model Freightliner Cascadia tractors for lease with the majority being 2020 –
2021 for Formed Team Drivers.


Best Team Lease out there. PICK YOUR FREIGHT. (LOAD BOARD) Non Forced Dispatch but we’d like contractors to be available for at least just 2 weeks at a time, but how much time off you take will be up to you,

No truck payment will be deducted for the first 2 weeks of the lease! Along with getting settlements once per week (paperwork scanned in by midnight Sunday is settled on Friday), this means that you have the opportunity have cash flow into your bank account quicker.

Contractors earn 70% of the revenue! 70% equals approximately $1.67/mile
• $0 money down and no credit check!
• Walk Away Lease: 20-day notice will end the lease with no financial penalty to you!
• All lease purchase units come with a guaranteed bumper-to-bumper maintenance program.
• Lease lengths vary depending on the year of the tractor, typically running between
2-3 years.
• Buyout option after the term of the lease is completed. Smallest Balloon payment in the history of Lease Purchase. An affordable $5000 balloon/buyout payment is all that stands between you and owning the tractor outright. You have the option to pay the balloon payment in full or set up a weekly payment plan.

(If you can’t come up with the $5000 we’ll even finance that so really there is no balloon payment)


Truck Specifications
• 2020 & 2021 Freightliner Cascadia (automatic)
• 435 HP, 14-Liter Detroit DDC engine
• 70” raised roof double-bunk sleeper cab
• Rear axle gear ratio of 3.58
• Tire size of 295/80R 22.5 low profile

Contractor Compensation
•Independent contractors are paid 70% of the gross revenue on each load, plus
97% of the fuel surcharge. Currently, 70% equals approximately $ 1.55 to $1.67/mile.

The amount of the fuel surcharge is based on the national fuel price. This ensures that
in times of soaring fuel prices you will be able to hold your profit margins and, in
many cases increase them.
• Continued rate increases are being awarded to us by our customers and as the rates increase, so do YOUR PROFITS!
• An additional .04/mile when hauling all Haz-Mat placarded loads.
• All accessorial pay such as extra stop, detention, or any other type of pay built
into the company compensation will be settled at 70% to the independent

Independent contractors receive huge fuel discounts. You can save money on fuel by using our fuel stop network. When using Loves, Petro, Pilot, Road Ranger and TA you will receive between 3 and 6 cents per gallon off the cash price of diesel.

Each contractor is issued a ComData fuel card for convenience.

• Settlements are made once per week on Friday if your trip information is turned in by midnight on the Sunday before

Guaranteed bumper-to- bumper maintenance for $0.15/mile up to 700,000 miles accumulated on the tractor. For the remaining time on the lease, the tractor will still be covered for things such as oil changes, tires, brakes, clutch, alternator, belts/hoses and air conditioning and heating components for $0.13/mile

WE do not FORCE DISPATCH, but we do ask our independent contractors to be available for at least 2 weeks at a time so you can make your lease payments, but how much time you take off will be up to you. Realistically you will make the most money if you stay out 3 weeks or more.

The average length of haul for teams greater than 1500 miles! Our freight is predominantly no touch and drop and hook. This means you will spend most of your time behind the wheel, earning revenue!

Optional health insurance benefits are offered through True Choices Personal Insurance for Owner Operators and Their Families.

PETS ARE ALLOWED. One cat or one dog that weighs no more than 40 lbs is allowed on the truck for a $250 deposit which will
be payroll deducted. $25 per week.

While you do NOT need a hazmat endorsement to start. Hazmat endorsed teams experience up 15% more freight.

Weekly Fixed Costs/Deductions

Truck Payment
Trailer Rental
$700/week (Automatic)
Deducted for the term of the
lease (2-3 years).
Base Plates and Permits$75/weekDeducted for 6 months
($2,070/year). Indiana
based plates.
Escrow (Int. Bearing)
Occupational Accident
$37.15 (mentor)
Deducted for 26 weeks until
account has reached $2000.
Deducted Weekly
Federal Highway Use
Tax (2290)
$10.58/weekDeducted year for a total of $550 each week of the
Physical Damage Insurance$60.58/week Based on a
unit valued @ $70K
Calculated at 4.5% of the
truck’s value.
Bobtail Insurance
Trailer, Cargo & Clean up
Deducted the 3rd week of
each month.
Maven Satellite Rental$16.63/weekProvides for unlimited use
of the Qualcomm unit.
Total$1,077.00/weekTotal estimated fixed

Profit/Loss statements comparing the different driving positions vs. weekly miles. This chart below is for just 4500 miles. Most teams average 5500 to over 6000 miles a week so you can see how even with a conservative estimate you should easily clear over $10,000 or more per week.

Team Drivers
Loaded Miles/Week4500
Average RPLM (70%)$2.39$7,515.00
FSC/Mile (97%)$0.60$2,619.00
Revenue Subtotal$10,134.00

FixedLease payment, escrow,$1,077.00
7% DHDEF (3.5%), Maintenance fee$871.95
Variable6 cpg discountFuel (7.0 mpg)$5.27$3,387.85
Expense Subtotal$5,336.80
Net Income$4,797.20 per week

NET INCOME ESTIMATE IF YOU DRIVE 6000 MILES A WEEK WOULD AVERAGE AROUND $6396.00 PROFIT After expenses. Gross of around $13512.00

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 6 months Class A Tractor Trailer Experience (Must be OTR Experience) hauling at least 40 foot trailers. (We do have a train your partner program if your partner has less then 6 months)

Fairly clean MVR and Background.

Look I am not kidding you when I tell you we have Limited openings and only a few trucks left to lease for this job. It is not going to last for long so if both of you don’t apply ASAP you will be to late.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete. •

Please make sure your team mate sees this ad and applies.