Top pay with full benefits, per diem and you can be home every 3 weeks and home for 3 full days, or stay out as long as you want. We can hire formed teams or solo drivers who want to be matched up with a team mate for this job.

This job does not require any endorsements and you will be hauling dry van no touch freight 53 foot trailers. We are hiring in all 48 states for this job.

If a Team comes in that has 1 year verifiable experience driving together, they will be eligible for the $30,000 sign on bonus! If not a matched team you will still qualify for the Team Sign on Bonus of $12,000.

Teams specialize in expedited freight and haul some of the highest profiled freight in the company, customers such as Fed Ex, Amazon and L- Brands. Team Freight is -80 % + drop and hook 100% No touch freight.

● Avg. 5,500 miles weekly or more
● Always drive the newest trucks 2020-2021
● Top Shop Priority
● Mileage incentive up to an additional 14 CPM
● Scheduled and/or designated routes available
● Hazmat Teams earn $150 Extra per Hazmat load

Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield available on the 1st of the month following 30 days of employment

● Dental, vision & 401K match
● Full Ride college tuition program
● Stock purchase plan
● Paid orientation
● 1,250 watt inverter in every Truck

Additional details:
• In Most cases, 2021 or newer Cascadia Freightliners or KW’s equipped with APU, 1500 watt-invertor, refrigerator, and TV mount
• Optimized loads plan to maximize your miles and your money
• Average length of haul is over 700 miles
• Operations specialist you can talk with whenever you need 24/7
• Driver App Includes the following:
Social Network Abilities
Vision to your Journey, including preplans
Customer Attributes
• All shifts are empowered for your needs

● Home time:
3 weeks out minimum for 3 days at home. for every week they are out, that accrues 1 day at home – with a max of 7 days off. You can stay out as long as you want. If you stay out 4 weeks you will get 4 days off, if you are out 6 weeks you will get a full 6 days off etc.

SIGN ON BONUS: If a Team Driver/ Team comes in under a year (or that needs to be matched), they are eligible for the $12k split Sign on bonus. $12, 000 payout: Each driver is paid $500 paid after 1st load, $500 paid at 30 days, $1,000 paid out monthly for 5 months

If a Team comes in that has 1 year verifiable experience driving together, they will be eligible for the $15,000 Sign on Bonus

 All Pre-Made team with 1 year verifiable experience: 15k sign-on bonus split, each team partner bonus installments are listed below:

$15K bonus: if a team comes in with 1 full year of verifiable driving experience together, they will receive a $15K split sign on bonus ($7.5K per driver)
15k sign-on bonus split, each team partner bonus installments are listed below:
• $250 paid after 1st load
• $250 paid at 30 days
• $1,000 paid at 60 days $1500 each @ 2 Months!
• $750 paid at 150 days
• $750 paid at 240 days
• $750 paid at 330 days
• $750 paid at 365 days $4.5k each @ 1 year!
• $750 paid at 455 days
• $750 paid at 545 days
• $750 paid at 635 days
• $750 paid at 725 days $7.5k each @ 2 years!

•Vacation Package
• 1 year = 1 week
• 3 years = 2 weeks
• 7 years = 3 weeks
• 15 years = 4 weeks

PAY: Drivers with just one year of experience each can average between $1860 to over $2300 or more a week. Drivers with 10 years of Tractor Trailer Experience can average $1960 to $2500 or more a week with the option to be home every other week.

Don’t forget even if you only qualify for the $12,000 sign on bonus of $6000 each driver for the next 6 months you will average an extra $250 each week, so make sure yo add that number to the numbers above. You should not make less then $2000 a week for the first 6 months on this job minimum and obviously you have the potential to make much more then that.

If you stay out longer you will obviously make more money and the more miles you run a week you will be able to make more money.

Pay is based on experience. You can earn an additional .14 CPM to the numbers below if you meet the mileage requirements below you can see the breakdown on this below.

Months of Experience All Miles – Per Mile (Split) Pay is based on each drivers experience so you aren’t penalized if your team mate has less time then you do.)
0 – 3 Months 0.56 + up to .14 CPM = 70 CPM
3 – 6 Months 0.6 + up to .14 CPM = 74 CPM
7 – 12 months 0.61 + up to .14 CPM = 75 CPM
13 – 24 Months 0.62 + up to .14 CPM = 76 CPM
25 – 36 Months 0.63 + up to .14 CPM = 77 CPM
37 – 60 Months 0.64 + up to .14 CPM = 78 CPM
61 – 120 Months 0.65 + up to .14 CPM = 79 CPM
>120 Months 0.66 + up to .14 CPM = 80 CPM
You can easily add an extra amount of up to $455 each for each driver a week if you meet these mileage numbers below.
Utilization Bonus (Monthly Miles) All Miles – per mile (Split)
20000-21999 0.02 (5000 miles)
22000-23999 0.06 (5500 miles)
24000-25999 0.1 (6000 miles)
26000+ 0.14 (6001 miles plus)
Hazmat Accessorial Per Hazmat Load – Split
20000-21999- 0.02 will equal $200.00 a piece (5,000- 5,499) This is an extra $50 for each per driver if you drive over 5000 miles)
22000-23999- 0.06 will equal $600.00 a piece (5,500+5,999) This is an extra $150 for each per driver if you drive over 5500 miles)
24000-25999- 0.10 will equal $1200.00 a piece (6,000+ 6,499) This is an extra $300 per week for each driver if you drive over 6000 miles)
26000+ ——- 0.14 will equal $1820.00 a piece (6,500+) This is an extra $455 per week for each if you drive over 6500 miles)

EXAMPLE OF HOW THIS STRAIGHT PAY WORKS: Peter and Juan are friends who have 2 years’ experience. With Straight Pay, their base rate will be 62 CPM. Averaging 5,500 miles per week will put them over 22K miles per month, which will increase their rate to .68 CPM. At that rate, their average take home salary will be $179, 520/split. With Straight Pay, the more miles you run, the more money you’ll make

If you live within 100 miles of your team partner you will take the truck home. You must have a safe area to park the truck.

Don’t have a partner? We can find one, that works best for you, REGARDLESS of where you live.
Must live at least 350 miles from your partner
Must live within 50 miles of a major airport
Will get a $250 bonus on their check the first week of every month for travel purposes for hometime.
Drivers will leave truck at one of our terminals, book a flight/rent a car, go home, and do the same to get back to the truck, post home time. We will help you secure flights/rental cars to save drivers money!!

BOTH DRIVERS MUST APPLY!!! We cannot process your application unless we have both drivers information. (Solo drivers please apply and we will match you up with a teammate)


REQUIREMENTS: Class A CDL with at least 3 to 6 months Tractor Trailer Class A Experience in the last 3 years. Experience must be tractor trailer experience with trailers over 40 feet in length. Tractor Trailer time can be OTR, Regional or Local as long as Class A time hauling trailers over 40 foot in length.

We can accept Tractor trailer time that is older then 3 years for qualification if you haven’t driven in a while that is okay we go back up to 10 years for experience.

Fairly clean MVR and Background.

We are hiring Formed Teams or we can match you with a great Team Partner if you are a well qualified solo driver. (Solo’s wanting to team must be approved by operations but please apply ASAP so we can start the process)  

• No charges, fees or deductions on Per Diem – we offer max allowance of $66/day

• Vacation Pay

• Competitive Accessorial Pay

• Majority of freight is drop and hook – 100% No Touch Freight


• Comprehensive Benefits: Health, Life, Dental, Vision, 401(k) Plan includes company match PAID VACATION!!

• Interactive Orientation: We cover transportation, hotel room & 2 meals

Limited openings this job. It is not going to last for long so if both of you don’t apply ASAP you will be to late.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete.