Great lease hiring in the areas on the map below for Lease Purchase or Owner Operators.  All no touch freight, mainly drop and hook options.  Home time is a minimum of 10 days to 2 weeks hard to make a lease payment if you want to be home more often.   

The lease purchase is a NO MONEY DOWN, NO CREDIT CHECK.

Leasing out 2020 and 2021 Peterbilt’s for $599 a week for solo driver and $679 a week for Teams.

  • We pay ALL miles…loaded and empty
  • Fuel surcharge is paid on all loaded miles
  • Fuel surcharge is based on the DOE national average cost per gallon as released weekly

O/O Owners are not required to get truck insurance or base plates through us but we do offer: 

Physical Damage and Bobtail based on the value of the truck, Occupational Accident, Base plates  (Always cheaper for you to run under our authority)

WE do not charge for:

  • Qualcomm usage or installation
  • Fuel Card
  • Cargo insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Transflo Services
  • Permits and IFTA

SOLO 2020/2021  579 Peterbilt             
Up to 60 month lease.  Solo drivers (Team drivers scroll down)
•    $599 per week plus expenses.
•    Physical damage insurance determined at time of lease based on value at that time. 
•    optional buyout at the conclusion of the lease.
•    5 year/600k mile warranty
•    All trucks are 12 speed automatics.
•    MX13 – 455HP Engine
•    1.8 cubic foot fridge
•    Satellite ready stereo
•    1800 watt power inverter
•    Mounting bracket for flat panel TV in bunk. 


Numbers below are just estimates for planning purposes actual numbers can and will vary.  Purposely we have gone super conservative on the these number so you don’t go broke.


IS THIS A WALK AWAY LEASE?  Our lease is not walk away but don’t panic.  With that being said, if someone does things the right way and gives a notice to operations, and then also communicates with our Lease  Purchase Manager as to what is going on,  and then they return the truck where we tells them to return it to in good condition, you will be fine and nobody will be bothering you to complete the lease.

The problem we have with going with across the board “walk away lease” is  when a driver gets  in trouble and just disappears we have to find the truck at a Pilot or Flying J truck stop.  Or the driver has torn the truck up, had accidents with it they didn’t tell us about, torn up in the interior, taken equipment out of it etc, the things can get ugly.  Responsible drivers have no problem getting out of the lease it’s those few drivers out there that don’t communicate if there is a problem and don’t turn the truck back in that cause all the problems.

The goal is here No Surprises.   We don’t create fake stories like the scamsters out of Chicago how you are going to make $10,000 a week etc.  You could end up clearing after all expenses $15-$1800 per week AFTER expenses, but pre tax. One distinction is that we are a trucking company that does leases; not a leasing company.. Therefore, the reason we have a lease program is because we need another avenue to bring drivers on board as we have no shortage of freight to be moved…

REQUIREMENTS: Class A CDL and at least 3 to 6 months of verifiable OTR driving in the past 12 months or one year (12 months) of a combination of OTR/Regional/Local in the past three (3) years.

Experience must have been in a Class A tractor, towing a 40′ trailer(s) or longer.  Must have a Class A CDL.

Fairly clean MVR and Background

Physicals:  You need to be able to obtain a 2 year physical.  You don’t need two years on your physical normally 90 days is plenty you just can’t only be able to get a one year DOT card.  I realize there are several reasons for a one year card, but our safety division will only approve drivers that can get a two year card

SORRY NO SAP DRIVER OR RECENT GRADS.  (Please don’t even bother to apply your application will be discarded)

If formed Teams BOTH drivers need to apply. If solo match please apply and we will match you with a great team mate.

Please don’t text or call until you complete the 10 street (Intelliapp) application at the link below. Most likely you are in the 10 street system already which means it should only take you about 2 minutes to complete our application.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the application with an update on your application. •

We cannot respond unless we have an application from you, so we can ensure you are in the hiring area, qualified and so we don’t have to initially ask you 20 questions over the phone. •

This job will fill up fast, so please apply ASAP before it’s filled up.