Military contract company that hauls ammo etc for the government is looking for experienced established Owner Operator established Teams that want to make almost $300,000 per year and Company Team Drivers are guaranteed a minimum of $120,000 a year regardless of miles.   

Have freight going to all 48 states, heavy in the Midwest. Most loads are light 20,000 lbs or less is average. 
Mostly 48 ft vans some 53 ft.

Ideal for Husband and wife teams or estalished teams who are looking for a permanent home.  Turnover rate is  less than 5 %, only two teams have quit this year out of about 110. Have several that are retiring later this year and with the military build up, have plenty of business.

Home Time Policies 3 weeks out 6 days off  (You can stay out longer if you want to make more money that is up to you) 

All drivers and teams can expect to transport hazardous material (no hazardous  waste) . 

Company Drivers Please scroll down for Pay information:

OWNER OPERATORS PAY:   Owner/operators  may  choose  from  percentage  (73% of 97% We take 3% off top for admin fee, no funny chargebacks plus we pay tolls  or $1.56 per-mile pay (all dispatched miles) contracts. 

You can expect to earn more than $280k per year hauling our quality freight.  You will receive weekly settlement and direct deposit of funds. Furthermore, drivers also receive safe-driver bonuses.

We’ll furnish your truck with satellite, EZPass™, PikePass and Prepass for toll roads. Additionally, we cover all cargo and liability insurance premiums, as well as offer insurance programs for qualified drivers. 

All the miles a team can stand.

(Owner Ops please scroll down past the company Driver information below for additiona important  information)
Payscale based on experience
2-3 yrs-72 cpm
4-7 yrs-74 cpm
8-12 yrs-76 cpm
12 yrs and up-78 cpm
Weekly mininum Gaurantee:   $2,500 split  This is the Minimum most drivers make way more than this, but you will NEVER MAKE LESS than $2500 a week.   Minimum guaranteed team pay for Company Drivers is $10,000 a month for the Team or guaranteed $120,000 a year for the team but again that is the minimum you will make.   

All compensation is based on truck miles and is split with each driver   

Company Drivers: 
•    Accrue paid vacation based on years of employment with Company
•    Three weeks out then 6 days off
•    Health Insurance available 50/50
•    Freightliner Cascadia 126, double bunk, refridge, inverter and APU
•    Speed set at 70mph on foot and 73mph cruise
•    Trucks traded every two years
•    Dry van freight 99% no touch
•    24 hour operations center
      Pets are OK but if damage to truck, drivers would be responsible for damage.

All the miles a team can stand.

For Owner Ops and Company Teams Please read this information below:
I realize the hiring requirements are stringent as we are only looking for the TOP DRIVERS period, but you will be compensated accordingly and have a great job with fantastic pay without the usual nonsense you have to put up with a traditional truck driving job hauling just the beans.  Here you get to haul the beans and the bullets..Our drivers love this job and so will you, so please apply before we fill up the few positions we have left open due to retirements.

As mentioned above, Turnover rate is  less than 5 %, only two teams have quit this year out of about 110. Have several that are retiring later this year and with the military build up, have plenty of business.

Because of DOD approval requirement this isn’t a job you can apply for this week and be in orientation on Monday.  It is going to take a few of weeks or more to get through the entire approval process but this is the kind of job you can retire from and stay with long term.   Spot freight comes and goes, companies come and go but military freight will continue as long as we have a country so why not jump on board with a long term prospect you too can retire from.     

We do have other very lucrative Owner Operator Team Options and Company Team options that are an extremely fast approval process, (normally just a day or two)  but this particular job will not be a fast process by the very nature of the job so please keep that in mind.  Again only apply for this job here if you are qualified and not in a rush to get hired.  The website for regular team applications is: HERE

BOTH DRIVERS NEED TO APPLY!!  (We can’t do anything until both drivers have submitted an application)



The application for regular team applications that don’t meet requirements for the Military Contract job is: HERE

1: Must be ready made teams, will not team drivers up.

2: All drivers must have HAZMAT.

3 2 years (TWO) OTR experience.  (Local time, OIL FIELD TIME DOES NOT COUNT, Logging truck time does not count nor does one state driving time.  Your TT must be OTR several states or more in a sleeper to qualify) 

4: •    No more than three jobs in last 5 years.   

5: No felonies ever.  You must be a US citizen  (NO felons at all, regardless how old, misd’s can be reviewed if very old, but prefer nothing on the background.

6:  Both drivers must have the ability to obtain DOD Security Clearance (we assist with this, if clean background won’t be an issue)

For Owner Operators:
Truck requirements: 
Must be 2009 or newer.
Must be able to haul 38,000 lbs. (Although most loads are light 20,000 lbs or less is average)

DUI – NONE cant have anything at ALL ever.

The application for regular team applications that don’t meet requirements for the Military Contract job is: HERE If you are qualified for this job please use the link below.

Will hire in all 48 states, Best areas are OK, TX IN, TN, KY but if you are in the lower 48 and are a qualified and established Company Team or Established Owner Operator Team please go ahead and apply

The application for this job is a 10 street (intelliapp) application and you are probably already in the system so should only take you a minute or to Apply  and we can get the process started.    
You can apply by clicking HERE