Extremely Rare, Home Weekly DEDICATED, Lease Purchase.   One customer, pre-planned loads that will help you payoff your truck in record time.

No Money Down! No Credit Check! No Balloon Payment with a Walkaway Lease! Up to $10,000 Monthly gross pay & Home Weekly!

Offering a  $2,500 Sign On Bonus and you get a  2015 Freightliner Cascadia – (Also leasing 2016-2018 Volvo’s and Freightliners, weekly payments a little higher) 

All of these trucks are Fuel Saver Automatic Transmission.

Low Weekly Truck Payments $490-$590, 0% Interest, 500,000 Powertrain Warranty and E-Z Pass Provided, Fuel and Tire Discounts, Including Discounts on Maintenance,

Top Speed: 68 MPH, Pet Policy Also leasing 2016-2018 Volvo’s and Freightliners

Walkaway Lease, Walkaway lease means no additional penalties upon termination. Call for details., Earning monthly potential of almost $10,000 (Gross, see below for net)

This lease is for this Specific Dedicated Home Weekly Job described below so please keep that in mind.   It is not for an OTR lease, it is not for whatever load we can find you, it is for one customer designed to keep your truck working as hard as you want to work it.

This dedicated job can earn up to $10,000 monthly gross pay doing and there isn’t a better home weekly lease purchase option out there to keep you busy and not sitting around.

For This dedicated job you will  operate in OH, IN, KY, IL, MI, WI and IA.   You won’t have to drive 3000 miles a week to maximize your income.  You will make a lot of your pay for unloading, where you can make some awesome amounts of money, but if you are allergic to touching freight please do not apply for this job.

So instead of having to driver 3000 miles you will average 1250 miles per week but check out how you will still make more money than you would driving day and night while putting miles on your truck.   Nope this is a much better situation than you could ever ask for.  Here’s the deal!  You can expect to pull 3-5 loads per week. Each load is multi stop and can have as many as 6 stops per trailer and is 100% driver touch. Each trailer is loaded with up to 52 rolltainers with some loose freight on top (mostly lightweight items such as paper goods etc.).

Ninety percent of the outbound loads will have a backhaul.

PAY:  $1.20 all Dispatched Miles (Empty or Loaded which is crucial but please read the rest of this paragraph to understand why this home weekly Lease Purchase pays you so much more than any other one out there.)  Drivers will earn $25 per stop and $90 for unloading the trailer. So you could average over $900 a week just in accessorial pay, plus the pay for miles etc.    The key to this is the stops per load NOT per week.   Figure at least 5 stops per load. Some have up to 6.   5 Stops at $90 per load = $450 PER LOAD. 1250 x 1.20 = $1500.   If 5 Loads per week that is 25 Stops per week.   25 X 90.. d $90 per load X 5 = $450.

Stop pay at 5 stops per load, X $25=$125 per load X 5 loads=$625 = $3025 Weekly and you can make more than that if you hustle.  (Close to $10,000 monthly)   After you subtract your truck payment, Fuel, warranty etc, you should still average between $1300 to $1800 a week NET Profit or over $7000 a month NET PROFIT while on your way to owning your own truck.    Once you pay off the truck you take to any company and any job you want.

But where else will you find a Home weekly Lease Purchase where you will make as much as you would with an OTR out 2 to 3 weeks LP?  Only here, so please don’t wait to apply as we have a limited number of trucks available.     Please apply now by clicking on the Lease Purchase APPLY NOW  button below.

QUALIFICATIONS: CDL A and this is extremely rare but you can qualify for this lease if you have at least 6 months OTR Experience in the last 3 years.  You must live within 100 miles of Marion, IN to qualify for this lease.

DEDICATED "HOME WEEKLY" LEASE PURCHASE ZERO DOWN/NO Credit Check/0% Interest (Marion, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Anderson, Lafayette, Muncie, IN, Indiana)