If you are looking for job security, as much work as you can handle with no sitting around and the best pay in the industry you have come to the right place. Finding good drivers is tough right now, which is why we are paying you top dollar to work for us.

Drivers are really averaging close to $1700 to $1900 or more per week but you are guaranteed to never make less then $1300 a week as long as you are available to work. (Close to $90,000  per year possible)

Drive in the Midwest only. (No East Coast, no West Coast, no deep South) Drivers will pull freight with store deliveries in TX, OK, LA, AR, WY, CO, KS

This is the first time we have offered this job in a long time. We have a few limited openings right now so please apply ASAP before this job is filled up. This is the kind of job you can retire from, so you need to apply now because this job won’t last long.

You must have a safe authorized place to park the truck.

This job also comes with a $6,000 sign on bonus for experienced drivers.

All of our drivers take their 34HR reset from the house on the weekend. This could mean getting home on Saturday afternoon and leaving Monday morning at 4 am. to get to your first stop for a 5 am delivery. or it could mean getting home Friday night and leaving Sunday morning to come to the DC to pick up your Monday load

You don’t have to drive 3000 miles to make this kind of money, sit in traffic for hours, sit at truck stops eating greasy food, nope you will know exactly when you are going to leave home and when you are getting back and what your route is going to be that week.

The fact is Many drivers are having health problems due to lack of exercise, so here is a great solution to keep you in shape and get paid a lot of money to do so. This is not your normal touch freight job that is for sure.

So yes this is a Dollar Store job and you will be unloading only light, very light dollar store freight so you would get some great exercise and still make over $1700 a week or more.

If you only want a no touch job please go ahead and complete the application below and we’ll see what we have available in your area at this time. For a home every other weekend guaranteed no touch job driving 2021 or 2022 equipment CLICK HERE.

For this Dollar Store job, you only unload, you never have to load and it’s light freight using rolltainers and electric pallet jacks.

Drivers will average around 1500 miles per week while being home every week and still make a lot more money then OTR drivers who stay out 3 weeks and have to drive 3000 miles a week. Drivers will run at least 3 loads per week with an average of 6 stops per load.

PAY: You get paid multiple ways: Mileage pay, Stop Pay and unload pay. Up to .60 CPM for experienced drivers and the lowest pay is .50 CPM so no matter what you will be paid at a great rate. You also get paid a whopping $240 for each trailer you unload and $25 per stop just 3 loads per week with an average of six stops per load. You also get paid $50 for each backhaul.

MINIMUM GUARANTEE: As long as you are available for work you will never make less then $1300 a week guaranteed, regardless of weather, traffic, breakdowns etc. Obviously can make a lot more than that but you always have a safety net of a minimum you won’t ever go below of $1300 a week + the Sign on Bonus of course.

Let’s run the numbers so you can see how you can easily earn $1650 to $2000 a week.

If you drive just 1500 miles at .60 CPM that is $900 just for the miles that week. If you haul just 3 loads during the whole week and get paid $240 per trailer that is another $720.00. Now if we go with an average of 6 stops per load that is 18 stops for the week. That is $450 extra paid for the stops. So lets add up these numbers: $900 + $720 + $450 = $2070

If you add the 3 empty backhauls paid at $50.00 each that is an additional $150 for the week.

Now if you wanted to run a 4th load of course you could do that, but I hesitate to print out those numbers as now we are getting into Owner Operator type of pay for a company position.

However please don’t forget the $6,000 sign on bonus which is paid out in the first 6 months, no long waiting for that money.

• $6,000 Sign On Bonus PAYOUT:
• $1000 at 1 month
• $2000 at 3 months
• $3000 at 6 months

This account offers FULL MEDICAL, DENTAL, VISION BENEFITS and paid vacation.

REQUIREMENTS: Class A CDL with at least 3 to 6 months Tractor Trailer Experience in the last 3 years. Experience must be tractor trailer experience with trailers over 40 feet in length.

Fairly clean MVR and Background.

Limited openings this job won’t last for long.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete. •