We are looking for Drivers who want a great Lease Purchase where you can get home weekly with this dedicated job. Drive only in the Southeast area while making as much money getting home every week as you would staying out 2 to 3 weeks driving OTR. (No snow, No East Coast, Northeast or West Coast)

Low payments, with a walkaway option with no penalties. This is a true lease ($1.00 buyout no balloon payment and you can own your truck in as little as two years.

You will drive mainly in just these Southeast states: SC, NC, TN, VA 

Pay is $1.15 CPM Plus the Fuel Surcharge!!

We have rarely offered this home weekly Lease Purchase before in this area so don’t wait to apply because it will fill up fast and we may never offer it again.

Business is booming right now and we need drivers urgently. If you are looking for job security, as much work as you can handle with no sitting around and the best pay in the industry you have come to the right place.

The only reason we have some openings right now is we are opening new stores all over the Midwest area, plus some of our drivers are retiring. This is the kind of job you can retire from.


The lease is NO money down, NO credit check, and unlike most leases, NO balloon payment at the end. You own the truck 100% at the end of the lease. This is a WALKAWAY lease with no penalties. •

You can pay off your lease in 2 years or choose a longer lease if you want a newer truck. (2015 to 2019 trucks available descriptions below)

Drivers can expect to average up to $2700 per week, while being home weekly for a 34-hour reset. Mileage pay $1.15 all dispatched miles + fuel surcharge. In addition to mileage pay the Drivers will earn $90 per load (i.e. 5 Loads = $450 and $25.00 per stop. (i.e. 6 stops per load x 5 = 30 stops X $25.00 = $750 per stop which equals a total of $1200 before you ever drive a mile) (Average of almost $140,000 per year Gross)

Each driver can average 1,300 miles per week and expect to pull at least 3 to 5 loads per week. Each load is multi stop and can have as many as 6 stops per trailer. You don’t have to drive 3000 miles a week to make the same kind of money you would make with an OTR out 2 to 3 week lease because we pay you for stops and unloads and we pay you very well.

You won’t be sitting around at a truck stop with this job we will keep you as busy as you want to be.

This is 100% driver touch unload, but this is light freight driving for just one company pulling Dollar Store freight, so don’t worry about having to lift heavy cargo.

Yes I did say you have to manually unload freight, but before you panic it’s not heavy lift work. You will unload pallets with a pallet jack and unload clothes on hangers hanging from racks on the roof and put them on racks to be rolled into the store. (Liftgate may apply from time to time)

You will have established set routes so you will know when you are going to be home and where you will be driving to every single week before you leave home.

The fact is Many drivers are having health problems due to lack of exercise, so here is a great solution to keep you in shape and get paid a lot of money to do so.

If you are allergic to touching freight we can still get you a Lease on but it won’t be a home weekly job. (Most likely out 2 to 3 weeks at a time so go ahead and apply we’ll get you a great Lease Purchase)


2015-2017- Solo or 2018-2019- upon availability-

Maintenance account vary based on lease term.
2 year lease terms .12 CPM /$15,000 — 1,000 credit to maintenance
3 year lease term .09 CPM/ $10,000— 500.00 credit to maintenance
4 year lease term .09 CPM/ 10,000— 500.00 credit to maintenance

Solo Lease terms
2015 Freightliner Evolutions- 2 year lease

2016 Freightliner Evolutions
375,000+ miles – 2 year lease term
Anything under 375,000 is a 3 year lease term

2017 Freightliner Evolutions
375,000+ miles- 3 year lease term
Anything under 375,000 miles is a 4 year lease term

2018-2019- 4 year lease term.

ü 2015 Trucks have 450k + miles on them, and come with remaining 500,000 mile power train warranty. •

ü You will operate mainly in the Southeast Region FL, GA, AL, MS, and LA for this Dedicated Account.

ü The truck payment, will be $557.25 weekly. Not including taxes, tags and insurance. •

ü Maintenance escrow is .12 cpm to use for all of your maintenance needs •

ü We provide you with fuel card for you to get a discount at the pump, as well as easy pass. •

ü Fuel surcharge is paid on all LOADED miles •

ü Mileage pay is a sliding scale ranging $1.00 to $2.00 a mile plus your fuel surcharge!! Deduction Amount •

Truck payment $ 557.25: Non-trucking liability insurance $ 7.65: Occupational accident insurance $ 40.45: Physical damage insurance $ 43.50: Bobtail insurance $ 7.42: Satcom operating cost fee $ 17.50: Federal Highway use tax $ 10.58: Total Deductions $ 684.35 •

Pet Policy and Rider Policy. •

Security Reserve $0.06 $10,000/max. Maintenance Reserve $0.12 $15,000/max •


Minimum of 6 months of Class A Tractor Trailer Experience pulling trailers at least 40 feet in length or great in the last 3 years.


Limited openings this job won’t last for long. Our Application is a 10 street Intelliapp so you are most likely already in the system so applying for this job is easy and fast.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete.