Great Team (Teams) Team job home every 14 days and you could earn close to $1900 a week per driver along with full benefits.

Plus a $20,000 sign on bonus where you can each put $4000 dollars in your pocket in the next 60 days and the full $20,000 paid out in just 9 months. ($10K per driver)

WOW! First time you will ever see this type of SOB offered..

Teams get the newer trucks ( Such as Freightliners or KW 680’s): Company furnishes a refrigerator/freezer

We are hiring Formed Teams or we can match you with a great Team Partner if you are a well qualified solo driver. (Solo’s wanting to team must be approved by operations but please apply ASAP so we can start the process)  

YES-Dogs are okay

MONSTER  $20,000 Sign on Bonus paid out faster then any other Sign on Bonus out there period.  ($10,000 for each driver)

Very good home time, you won’t be out 3 to 6 weeks like most Team jobs. This is an OTR Team where you are out just 14 days out then 2 days home. (You can stay out as long as you want to that is up to you) Weekends home are not Guaranteed!

OTR Teams seated in newest equipment and average up to 5,500 miles/week (Could average 6000 miles if wanting to run hard)

OTR Team top performers earn up to $180,000 annually

See below how drivers could each average between $1500 to $1900 per driver each week with this Team job.


• NEW $20,000 BONUS!!! ($10,000 per driver see breakdown below as it’s paid out 9 months)

HOW SIGN ON BONUS IS PAID OUT: Teams will now receive $20,000 – $10,000/each ($1,000 after 1st dispatch/each, $3,000 at 60 days/each, $3,000 at 6 months/each and $3,000 at 9 months/each.

So that is $4000 each just in the first 60 days…$7000 in the first 6 months and by the 9th months you will EACH get a full $10,000 EACH….

That is an average extra of $277 per week for the next 9 months average income. (Obviously you aren’t paid the $277 extra each week that is the average amount if you break down the $10,000 sign on bonus over the next 9 months)

• Team company drivers now earn up to $0.32 CPM plus: (Up to .64 CPM per team split) +++ • Performance Bonus! + Earn up to an additional $0.10 CPM

• Additional $0.04 CPM on all Hazmat loads

PAY BREAKDOWN: If you are paid .64 CPM and you drive 5500 miles that week that is $3520 per week per team. That works out to $1760.00 per driver. (+ $277 a week for 9 months SOB Average = $2037 per week per driver)**

**Your weekly pay could vary based on your experience: You could average from .50 CPM per team split if only 3-6 months experience up to .64 CPM if you have at least 5 years experience and depending on endorsements.

Even at the lowest rate of pay at .50 CPM x 5500 that would equal $2750.00 per week for the team or $1375.00 per driver (+ $277 a week for 9 months SOB Average = $1652 per week per driver)** That is some GREAT money for a driver with 6 months of TT experience and you can’t match that anywhere else)

Most drivers should easily average $1500 to $1800 a week if you drive 5500 miles.

(Note this is if you average 5500 miles a week, if you are a hard charger and drove over 6000 miles a week you can do the math to see how much extra you could make a week)

• No charges, fees or deductions on Per Diem – we offer max allowance of $66/day

• Vacation Pay

• Competitive Accessorial Pay

• Majority of freight is drop and hook – 99% No Touch Freight


• Comprehensive Benefits: Health, Life, Dental, Vision, 401(k) Plan includes company match PAID VACATION!!

• Interactive Orientation: We cover transportation, hotel room & 2 meals


BOTH DRIVERS MUST APPLY!!! We cannot process your application unless we have both drivers information.

REQUIREMENTS: Class A CDL with at least 6 months Tractor Trailer Class A Experience in the last 3 years. Experience must be tractor trailer experience with trailers over 40 feet in length and a minimum of 3 states or more regional or OTR.

Fairly clean MVR and Background.

NO JOB HOPPERS: Sorry no job hoppers for this job. Maximum of 6 driving jobs in the last 3 years!! (Will consider 7 jobs if super clean MVR and Background)

Look I am not kidding you when I tell you we have Limited openings this job. It is not going to last for long so if both of you don’t apply ASAP you will be to late.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting the secure 10 street (inteliapp) Pulse application. Most likely you are in the intellapp, 10 street system so the application will only take you a minute or two to complete. •